Avoiding Delivery Problems and Empty Runs of Employees?

Many companies want to digitize their workflows – paper-based picking or manual warehousing and removal from storage are still more common than you would expect.


Digital warehouse management systems offer entry-level solutions with great potential for improvement.


Their use helps increase process efficiency.


And the positive effects are not only limited to the warehouse, but will be felt in adjacent processes as well; for instance:

–        Less obstructions in the corridors between storage racks
–        Just-in-time provision of replenishments and supplies
–        Utilization of existing storage space
–        Predictable deployment of employees
–        Use of warehouse positions optimized in terms of access


Having an overview of current inventory levels is another side effect that helps you plan demand and availability.


In this way, delivery problems and empty runs of employees can be avoided.


A win-win situation: everybody is happy when business runs smoothly and no kilometers are wasted!


If your digitization project is ripe for decision, the time for planning and implementing it is now! For you to benefit as quickly as possible. We’ll be pleased to help you.