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We are a small consulting team. Most of us advise clients. Our colorful group consists of experienced pragmatists with very different backgrounds – from technical college graduates to holders of a master’s degree in business administration.

We enjoy full independence despite being a wholly owned subsidiary of the global Gebrüder Weiss Corporate Group. With locations in Vienna and Lauterach, we specialize in providing expert consulting services for efficient intralogistics, optimized supply chains, and individual training courses.

Our approach to intralogistics means we design everything from miniloads for tiny electronic parts and conventional pallet warehouses to special warehouses for large, very heavy tunnel boring heads. Our expertise is in high demand, which is why we are looking for someone who has both the means and the desire to conquer and develop new customer segments.

Your duties: Landing intralogistics projects and implementing them responsibly.

Your focus is on acquisition: sounding out the market, identifying needs, actively approaching potential customers, staying on top of things, presenting ideas, writing offers, and negotiating. Over the year, you invest about 40 % of your time here – this is what our many years of experience have shown. You decide for yourself which industries you want to work your way into and in which regions. It is naturally an advantage if you are already well-connected.

At the same time, you will be in charge of two to three customer projects, with all that this entails: contributing your expertise, managing consultants and juniors, planning resources and times, shaping customer communication, monitoring implementation, etc.

And finally, attention needs to be given to developing our own team, both professionally and organizationally. We also expect valuable input and ideas from you here thanks to your experience.

Your profile: Highly organized person with a flair for intralogistics

You feel right at home in the field of intralogistics and want to shape things: you are passionate about finding the perfect flow of goods. You have a broad range of expertise: from planning and set-up to conveyor technology, from process design and software to personnel deployment. You can constructively contribute to any expert discussion.

What counts is your practical experience. This means that you have demonstrated responsibility in recent years to see several intralogistics projects over the finishing line. It doesn’t matter if this was as an executive in industry, a project manager at a supplier, or in another role.

You have mastered everything needed to be a project professional: facilitating workshops, developing ideas, dealing with partners at all levels, leading project teams, keeping calm in a crisis, etc.

You know how to organize yourself well – holding a senior position means no one tells you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. What we are interested in are your results. So it is very important for you to be able to cope well with this freedom.

It is less important to us how you acquired your knowledge. Did you learn hands-on from the ground up with an apprenticeship? Perhaps you went to university and then proved yourself in practice? Either way is fine by us.

You will search in vain for a large archive of finished presentations used by us to sell standard procedures. Our strength lies in developing individualized solutions for every type of customer. That means you will need to present your ideas yourself.

The advantage to you: Considerable scope while ensuring maximum quality of life and security 

You are usually back at home in the evenings because we mainly manage projects in the DACH region and like to use digital communication channels. Customer visits can usually be done in a day. Of course, you will be on site for a few days during the critical phases of large projects.

You have almost complete freedom in how you organize your work. What you say is important and you accompany projects every step of the way from acquisition to the go-live phase. The good thing here is that you will immediately see the impact your ideas have in our small group.

You will work where you like most of the time. We’d only like you to come to office in Lauterach one day a week. We need this to maintain our team spirit.

We are very careful to ensure the proper work-life balance. There are of course times where the work can be a little more intense. But there are always times afterwards to take things easy again.

We enjoy the best of both worlds. We combine working independently in a small team with the security and strength of a large Corporate Group – and its many career paths.

Lifelong learning is encouraged. If what you would like to learn dovetails nicely with our objectives, we will gladly finance up to 100 % of your training and further education, with course times then being working time. The GW Corporate Group’s “Orange College” is also open to you.

When it comes to the salary, you will enjoy the security of a good fixed salary. You will also feel the success you have through very fair bonuses. The minimum gross salary is 70,000 a year, but your real salary is significantly higher. You drive a mid-range company car, which you can use free of charge for all your private trips.

Who you’ll be working for: A small, independent team with a global parent company.

We are driven by elegant solutions that work, not nice presentations. We like to think outside the box. We are proud that many of our ideas have already left their mark on the industry.

Our results-oriented approach has earned us an excellent reputation in recent years, such as in the beverage industry, the construction industry and with their suppliers. Our customers warmly recommend us to others. This is the path we would now like to follow in other industries.

For the most part, we advise customers in the DACH region on large and small projects. Sometimes we sort out a warehouse in 40 hours, other times we spend over 200 days on a comprehensive warehouse project. Our expertise is also in demand around the world time again, so far in 22 countries from Mongolia to the USA. So if you ever feel like acquiring business from abroad, go right ahead.



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