Digitalization Potentials for the Economy and Industry


The corona pandemic has given digitalization a significant boost in 2020. People have increasingly switched to online conferences, cashless payment, use of e-commerce, etc. But the topic and the opportunities resulting from it still do not appear to have entirely caught on in the processes of economy and industry. Current articles and studies are still reporting a certain degree of reticence here. Even in large companies, digitalization is therefore often given insufficient consideration in the strategic approach.

Missed opportunities

Those who are constantly outdated will at some point be last

This reticence is often explained by a certain degree of anxiety about either not being able to tackle these topics, handling them wrong or not having the right personnel for them. People are reluctant to take on leading roles owing to possible risks. Some see it as nothing more than hype. Or little need for action is seen as long as you are still “going with the crowd”. But competitors could pull ahead very quickly here, and you could miss the boat. This would then directly affect competitiveness. Here, the current multitude of digital solutions clearly shows the benefits which result for companies, both internally and externally. For example, when processes can be simplified and made transparent, additional services and products can be offered to customers or a better database can be used for corporate management.

Recognizing potential

Take a critical, open look at your business, your processes and your organization. A change of perspective to the customer’s point of view also helps here. Possible approaches and the potential are sure to be quickly recognized as a result and the biggest step is thus taken. The necessary subsequent steps should not be shied away from because they lead to the desired result. Anyone who does not have the necessary know-how internally can benefit more than a little from external providers’ experience and market overview.

Digitalization is more than just hype. It holds major opportunities for a great future! Take advantage of them.