Xvise – Training Courses at WIFI in Vorarlberg and Vienna


Practical real-life experience: Xvise brings customized logistics training courses to the market in cooperation with WIFI. From the fall, participants in Dornbirn and Vienna with a passion for logistics will have access again to the tools they need to master their professional challenges.

Advantage through knowledge

The Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI for short) supplies the local economy with the expertise that is specifically needed in real life. Wanting to expand its logistics program, WIFI brought on board an experienced logistics partner characterized by its hand-on approach and its practical expertise. Our consultants took the opportunity to put together three relevant training offers at once.

Focused logistics expertise

The “Practical Logistics Management” course starts in February 2022, being held for the third time already in Dornbirn, and is aimed specifically at future managers with practical experience in the fields of logistics and purchasing.

Participants obtain a basic overview of the core functions of logistics and its challenges, dive into modern SCM and the world of digitalization, and touch on aspects such as KPIs, logistics trends, legal basics and much more.  A field trip to visit some Xvise project partners provides a look behind the scenes and enables participants to benefit from a direct exchange of experiences. Participants will see why certain projects are more successful than others and have their project management skills given a tune-up to serve as a foundation for their future professional success.

Focus on internal logistics

The “Intralogistics” seminar also startsthis fall in Dornbirn with a view to meeting the growing industry demand for professional training in this area.

The focus is on every aspect of intralogistics. Our logistics experts introduce participants to a wide range of topics: from data analysis, intralogistics processes, warehousing techniques and picking to trends in intralogistics.

There is also an additional focus on the opportunities offered by digitalization and how to handle e-commerce activities in a specific and practical way.

Green logistics strategies

From fall 2021, it will be possible for anyone who is interested to learn all there is to know about the trend topic “Green Logistics” in the course being held in Dornbirn and Vienna.

In this seminar, our consultants answer the questions of what the opportunities and challenges are that are in store for those looking to implement such strategies, and how logistics buildings can be designed in an energy-efficient way. Participants learn about sustainable solutions for storage and conveying technologies and packaging as well as methods for handling cooperative and consolidated deliveries.

And no such course would be complete without providing examples of best practice and highlighting the advantages that Green Logistics can bring to your operations – be it in terms of ongoing operating costs, the corporate image or presenting yourself as an attractive logistics employer.