Inns’Paket - Innovative City Logistics

The pandemic has added wind to the sails of the ever-rising number of parcels being delivered. This is exacerbating the issue of making deliveries in urban areas. As a result, Xvise has started work on an environmentally-friendly solution for the “last mile”.
All-day delivery in the center of Innsbruck by cargo bike

Practical real-life experience

The “Inns’Paket” research project, set up last year, has been looking at cooperative approaches to delivering parcels in the greater Innsbruck area as well as in the city center itself. Xvise is one of the project partners helping the University of Innsbruck to develop and carry out a pilot: e-carrier bikes were deployed in the old town of Innsbruck between mid-August and mid-September to make environmentally-friendly deliveries. DPD was responsible for selecting the appropriate parcels here. These consignments were then delivered to merchants and private households by carrier cyclists.

Experience & research data
Members of the “Inns’Paket” pilot project were pursuing several objectives here. The first was to determine just how feasible such an approach is in practice at all, while at the same time looking at what is needed for this type of delivery to be successful. The analysis focused on factors such as the number and size of parcels, delivery zone, customer segment (generally larger parcels for B2B or generally smaller ones for B2C) and handling of return consignments, as well as the flexibility of delivery times, equipment needed, volume of parcels that can be transported by carrier bikes and how delivery orders are put together. A final objective was also to develop a pool of regional expertise.

Benefits of emission-free delivery
The pilot made it possible to show politicians, local authorities and the general public in a highly visible way under what circumstances it makes sense for deliveries to be made with carrier bikes – and under what circumstances it doesn’t. It is beyond doubt that e-carrier bikes offer a clear advantage over delivery vans when making deliveries to individual private households. This opens the door, for instance, for larger delivery windows in pedestrian zones such as in Innsbruck’s city center, where motorized delivery traffic is only permitted in the mornings.

Overall, the pilot provided a lot of important real-life insights and useful information, thereby creating an ideal basis for long-term projects to be launched and operated with success in the future.

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