Central warehouse strategy for Forstinger Austria

Forstinger drew on the support of Xvise in its search for a new location for its central warehouse and in its efforts to develop the requirements this should meet. Our consultants took care of all the logistics-related matters – and more.
Central warehouse strategy for Forstinger Austria

Competence partner

88 locations throughout Austria belong to Forstinger, a company specializing in vehicle accessories and workshop services. The management was faced with the situation that the central warehouse responsible for their supply was no longer in keeping with the latest technological standards. The option of moving to a new location had already been assessed, yet there was some uncertainty in the company about the suitability of this potential location. Similarly, the specific requirements that a new central warehouse location would need to meet had not been defined in more detail either. The job of our consultants was to provide clarity here.


Real estate scout & logistics planner
The first step was to use a data analysis to assess the essential requirements for the central warehouse, such as the number of pallet spaces required, loading ramps, etc. The next step was to examine the possible central warehouse location considered by Forstinger from the perspective of capacity and processes.

At the same time, however, the consultants also looked for alternative locations, obtained offers, organized viewing appointments and, last but not least, made comparisons. Several layout options were prepared for locations that might fit the bill. Our logistics experts then took care of obtaining and reviewing offers from all logistics trades. Forstinger was also able to rely on Xvise’s support in preparing the documents for submitting the new central warehouse location to the authorities for approval.


Process optimization & quick wins
This project again showcased the ability of our consultants to serve as competent contacts to handle any and all matters relating to logistics. In the course of the collaboration, it became clear that some less-than-ideal practices had become entrenched in the company over the years.


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Our service commences with a nonbinding initial consultation, preferably on site. Together we analyze the potential in the project and plan the decisive steps in a practice-oriented manner. We will gladly accompany you through the implementation.