Logistics concept study for Gebauer & Griller

Companies wanting to grow need their logistics to grow with them. Our consultants helped the technology company Gebauer & Griller design plans to increase warehouse capacity at its largest site.
Gebauer & Griller Cable

Outlook for growth


Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke GmbH, GG Group for short, is an international group of companies owned by an Austrian family. The company makes high quality and technologically advanced cable and wiring systems for industrial applications. The Poysdorf cable plant occupies a key position in the Group. The company approached us to help them prepare a study to increase the capacity of this warehouse at this site.


Decentralized vs. centralized storage
The original planning contract was further expanded during the cooperation: following the idea of a supply chain, Gebauer & Griller wanted to examine ways of pooling goods from other locations in Poysdorf and distribute them to customers from here. Our consultants were therefore tasked with coming up with scenarios to integrate these sites, the ultimate aim being to find the optimum warehouse location within the supply chain, and then to compare and contrast the resulting options.

Focus on transportation routes
We conducted a comprehensive data and process analysis to serve as a basis for capacity and performance development. The master data required for warehouse planning to be accurate were compiled with the help of the customer. A center-of-gravity analysis was also created so as to identify the ideal warehouse location. At the site planning stage, our consultants looked, for example, at how trucks could be routed as efficiently as possible across the site, rendering it also necessary to take a fresh look at how incoming and outgoing goods were handled. These findings were incorporated into further site considerations. Suitable storage and handling technologies for the stored goods were also identified – taking into account a specific degree of automation that was desired. We focused on process design and calculating indicative costs, in addition to developing layout studies.

A neutral perspective and expertise
Our consultants acted as a kind of extended workbench for Gebauer & Griller. The customer benefited from data quality being processed and from an external party taking a look at internal challenges – as well as from the expertise to overcome these challenges. Finally, we also provided Gebauer & Griller with a detailed overview of technical solutions currently available on the market, the aim being to show the technology company as clearly as possible what might be possible in the future.

Antoine van Horen - Plant Manager
„Xvise was very flexible with our changing demands, they adapted quickly and came up with good solutions, all within an acceptable timeframe.“
Antoine van Horen Plant Manager
Gebauer & Griller - Poysdorf

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