Logistics coaching for Mohrenbrauerei

Reinforcement was provided to the logistics department of Mohrenbrauerei Vertriebs KG by our consultants. In the course of a `temporary management´ project (“Management auf Zeit”), not only practical know-how was passed on to the management team, but sustainable general conditions were created at the same time.
Mohrenbrauerei Dornbirn - Austria

Transfer of know-how


Dornbirn-based Mohrenbrauerei Vertriebs KG is the oldest brewery in Vorarlberg. In 1763, Johann Mohr opened his own inn with attached brewery. Today, apart from various types of beer, the range of products offered includes water, juices and soda pops from in-house production.

Within the scope of a logistics check, the actual situation was analyzed, and both current and future challenges were described and potentials for optimization identified. This was followed by the “Management auf Zeit” project, where our consultants acted as logistics coaches for the company.


Empowerment & improved structures
The fundamental goal of the project was to empower the leadership teams to handle logistics. For this purpose, their functions and areas of responsibility, on the one hand, and implementation requirements, on the other hand, were meant to be defined. In a first step, warehouse managers and logistics heads received further project management training to enable them to set up projects independently and to implement them successfully. Another focus was on improving implementation and leadership skills. Regular project controlling performed by us together with logistics managers provided additional motivation for everyone to keep at it.

Additionally, general conditions for the department were created and defined. For instance, our consultants helped the team prepare specific job descriptions for positions in logistics, as well as detailed definitions of short-, medium- and long-term logistics projects, including adequate progress checks.


Measurable results
The consultancy project was also about establishing a certain meeting culture within logistics as well as optimizing and strengthening communication with all stakeholders in the company, whether managers or process participants, in a targeted manner.

Through ongoing, practical coaching, the skills of senior logistics employees in the area of project management have been extended and consolidated. At the same time, leadership skills and the readiness to accept responsibility were improved.



Oldest Beer Brewery in Area Vorarlberg (Austria)

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