Nespresso – Premium Logistics for Premium Product

The globally renowned Nestlè coffee brand needed a solution to meet customer demands for lightning-fast delivery. Our consultants guided them from system planning all the way to implementation and management support during the start-up phase.

Who hasn't come across Nespresso's brightly colored aluminum coffee capsules? Every year, millions of them cross the sales counters of the 200+ Nespresso Boutiques located all around the world, or are ordered by consumers online or via the hotline. Numerous orders are placed each day in Austria alone. Nespresso Austria makes the following promise to its customers: Orders placed by 6:00 p.m. will be delivered the next working day. It is obvious that this calls for sophisticated logistics that have – above all else – to be fast and precise.
Picking of coffee capsules in the Nespresso warehouse
"Xvise acted as an innovative and flexible partner from project definition to realization, and subsequently to support the Nespresso organization as a temporary supply chain manager. Throughout the collaboration, it was the understanding of Nespresso’s specific requirements that led to a perfect solution."
Marianne Neumüller-Klapper Operations Director Nesspresso

Top speed and top quality

The premium coffee brand from Nestlé has now found an Austrian logistics service provider that is able to meet these demands to its full satisfaction. The provider got the x|vise logistics experts on board as soon as the Nespresso project was put out to tender so that they could impress their potential customer with their combined logistics and IT expertise. These efforts proved successful: The well-known logistics company headquartered in Vorarlberg won the contract to help Nespresso improve its logistics.

However, x|vise did not just play a key role in assisting the logistics specialist during the tender phase but also provided intensive support during the subsequent project coordination, and when planning and implementing all the necessary processes. “The kickoff at the Nespresso headquarters in Lausanne marked the beginning of the intensive phase. A premium product demands premium logistics. Given the vast number of consignments that are dispatched every day, a saving of one second per parcel adds up to weeks over the course of a whole year. In addition to the speed, the quality also has to be spot-on. This must live up to the brand manufacturer’s claim of offering a premium product. We understood how important this was to the customer and successfully implemented their wishes,” says Eva-Maria Berger, one of the responsible Consultants at x|vise.

Parcel production
Since August 2016, a logistics center near Vienna has been stocking a huge range of Nespresso articles. The incoming orders from boutiques, companies, hotels, and consumers are processed in next to no time using a paperless pick-by-light system. The large team of specially trained employees work a two-shift pattern to achieve this, ensuring that the goods are prepared for dispatch in accordance with a stringent set of quality criteria. “Numerous consignments leave the logistics center each day. You could almost say that this is where parcels are ‘produced’ on behalf of Nespresso,” says Eva-Maria Berger.

For a period of nine months, x|vise assumed the role of Interim Supply Chain Manager at Nespresso, being the contact for agendas concerning deliveries from the production sites in Switzerland and the local and international suppliers to the logistics provider and from there to the Nespresso customers. “It has been a challenging project with fantastic results. We are proud to have accompanied Nespresso on part of the journey and to have helped set the direction,” sums up Berger.

Distribution of Nespresso packages for shipping

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