When does it make sense to automate processes and warehouses?


Automating processes and warehousing is definitely a good thing. But how far should it go?

When it comes to intralogistics, there are all kinds of solutions and technologies. From manual warehouses to the fully automated receipt of goods, linked to a shuttle warehouse taking goods from production through to dispatch.
However, complete automation is not always desirable right from the start, because these kinds of solutions only work efficiently with clear data and well-defined processes.
Often it’s better to consider a semi-automated, scalable version first and then proceed with automation in stages.

The basics
Complete automation of intralogistics requires detailed planning of the processes, which takes time and significant investment in many different technologies.
The most important step in successful planning is to analyze your data and processes and in this way identify the potential for automation.
It’s very important to take an unbiased look. Business myopia can make it hard to analyze and consider the situation objectively. External consultants can help you to establish the basic principles and lay the foundations for successful automation.

Step by step
Once the logistics processes and data have been analyzed and evaluated, it becomes apparent where it makes sense to embark on automation first. Choosing the most suitable system is the next hurdle. There are numerous providers on the market, offering a whole host of solutions. Depending on the technology in question, the differences between them may be major or trivial. It’s important to choose one that will allow you to expand it in future. It needs to be compatible with other logistics systems and also scalable, to allow for future growth.

Do you feel lost in the jungle of automation solutions, so you’re finding it hard to reach the right decision? We are happy to help you to choose and implement the most suitable and innovative technology.