Manual Logistics Solutions in Times of Automation

Automation is not everything. Although it is very often associated with progress – manual solutions can also be devised in a modern, up-to-date fashion.


Digital support or maybe even the use of partial automation can make a positive contribution.


Which factors are usually characteristic of manual solutions?


–        Low acquisition costs
–        Flexible use
–        Optional adaptation to changing requirements
–        Scalability in case of performance fluctuations


For instance, in companies depending on seasonal business to a very high degree, investments in automation frequently cannot be justified in economic terms. Systems that operate far below design capacity for most of the year are overdimensioned. And expensive.


The important thing is to find the optimal logistics solution for the respective requirements – and this is where manual systems come in and still play an important role.


Is your logistics system optimally geared to the next round of seasonal business? Quick wins can bring great relief!