DIY Market Fetter - New Logistics Concept

At the building materials retailer Fetter, our logistics consultants broke up existing structures, questioned common practices, invited lateral thinking and with the customer sought the bigger picture. The result: an optimized, future-oriented solution.

DIY Market Product Range
"Xvise handled our requests flexibly, specified the order to avoid misunderstandings and supported us very well with systematic analyzes and several solution variants."
Andreas Fetter Managing Director

Stronger for the future

Our logistics consultants working with the building materials’ dealer Fetter opened up existing structures, questioned common practices, invited lateral thinking, and took a look at the bigger picture with the customer. The result: an optimal, future-oriented solution.

Fetter’s history dates back to the year 1883, to a hardware store at Korneuburger Hauptplatz. This long-established company – a founding member of the ÖBAU and a member of the Hagebau Group – is now the leading building materials’ dealer in the region. As a building supplies and DIY superstore, Fetter offers everything to do with the fields of DIY and home improvement.  In addition to the main location in Kornneuburg, branches are operated in Vienna, Gänserndorf, Stockerau, Mistelbach, Laa an der Thaya, Hollabrunn, and Kammern.

In the joint project with our logistics consultants, Fetter pursued the objective of ensuring efficient logistics processing at the Korneuburg location for the two business areas of building materials and DIY. This was to be achieved, in particular, by faster picking processes and controlled traffic flows.

Modern Technology & Customer Loading Zone
After a detailed analysis of the state of affairs as they were, there followed the development of layout variants. It was important to find the right warehouse technology for the central warehouse for building materials and DIY. We showed the customer the possibilities offered by modern warehouse management systems, such as simplifying processes, relieving personnel through a reduced need for searching products, as well as stock reliability and control possibilities. Our consultants also designed a customer loading zone for the best possible use by self-collectors at the site and optimized the different traffic flows, for which a traffic control system was also to be installed. Then we also worked out a layout for the site and assisted Fetter in the reorganization of the logistics and the changeover to paperless processing.

Compact Warehouse
The fundamental logistics orientation of the business fields of building materials and DIY was defined and consolidated in the consultation project. Transport hubs were disentangled, transport flows rationally controlled and also a high degree of compactness was achieved in the storage. As a result, the new logistics concept allows efficient customer processing. The needs-appropriate, roofed customer loading zone with short routes and high assortment diversity creates better customer service.

“In the driver’s seat”
Not only self-collecting customers from the business fields of home improvement and building materials benefit from the new logistics concept, but also Fetter in the deliveries that it carries out itself, the branches and not least of all the logistics personnel. Fetter is “in the driver’s seat” again. The building materials’ dealer can control and shape its processes actively and is no longer in the position of always having to just react.

Utilize your Full Potential

Our service commences with a nonbinding initial consultation, preferably on site. Together we analyze the potential in the project and plan the decisive steps in a practice-oriented manner. We will gladly accompany you through the implementation.