Dostyk Transshipment Terminal Kazakhstan

A group of investors planned a modern transshipment center on the legendary Silk Road. A comprehensive market and potential analysis as well as the associated logistical planning led to a comprehensive master plan for the ambitious project.
Transshipment Terminal

Opportunities along the Silk Road

In the Kazakh town of Dostyk near the Chinese border, the construction of a bimodal transshipment center for rail and road transportation is underway. Xvise has accompanied the large-scale project, playing a key role in its development.

The Silk Road project, which was launched in 2013, is gigantic: China is investing some 1.3 trillion dollars in the development of a freight transportation network to link Asia, Europe and Africa. The world of intercontinental transportation also comes with hurdles, however, such as the different gauge widths of the railway tracks. While trains in China and Europe operate with the standard gauge, Russia uses the wide gauge. This means containers either have to be reloaded onto other wagons or the undercarriage of the current wagons has to be changed.

From the market analysis to the masterplan

Its geographical location makes Kazakhstan an important logistics hub in Central Asia. This is why it was chosen by a group of investors for the construction of a bimodal transshipment terminal. Xvise was commissioned with supporting the project, including a potential and market analysis, and with the planning of the logistics terminal. The market analysis provided the basis for determining both the functionality, dimensioning and equipment of the plant and the investment decisions. The logistics consultants from Xvise also prepared the logistics planning for the transshipment terminal as well as a masterplan for the operational zone. “In addition to the actual terminal, the masterplan also sets out industrial and commercial zones which will be directly connected to the terminal via railway sidings” explains Wolf. In a follow-up project, a marketing concept for the planned terminal services on the European transportation market was also developed.

From drawing board to reality

The ground-breaking ceremony took place last summer in Dostyk. The first construction stage is now in progress. Among others, railway tracks are being laid, parking areas for containers are being concreted, and the first foundations for the buildings are being constructed. The full construction project is being completed in a total of three stages.
“For us, it’s really great to experience a project of this kind of scale becoming a reality,” explains the logistics consultant enthusiastically.

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