Warehouse Strategy for Just Deutschland

The capacities of Just Deutschland’s warehouse logistics were fully utilized and the processes were no longer ideal. At the same time, the signs were pointing to growth for the company. We have now supported Just in setting the right course for the future.
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Make or buy?

Just International AG is a manufacturer of household, personal care and cosmetic products based on plants and herbs. The internationally active Swiss company operates in 33 countries worldwide. Just Deutschland had to take action: the building at the current location in Weißensberg was getting a bit long in the tooth and had become too small in the meantime. In addition, inefficient logistics workflows were slowing down the company’s strong growth. It was unclear whether warehouse logistics should continue to be handled in-house or outsourced in the future. Our consultants provided a sound basis for decision in this context.


A comparison of three possible solutions
The process started with a detailed data analysis to determine the required storage capacities and performance specifications. Additionally, all current processes were analyzed as well. Based on the analysis, we initially prepared three possible solutions: in-house warehousing in Germany, in-house warehousing via the headquarters of Just in Switzerland, and finally outsourcing of all warehouse logistics services to a logistics partner in Germany. The optional solutions were compared to each other, considering their pros and cons. In the end, our consultants strongly recommended one of the solutions analyzed.


In-house warehousing at a new location
Those responsible at Just Deutschland accepted our recommendation and decided to handle warehousing in Germany themselves also in the future – however, not at the existing location, but at a new one with corresponding expansion options. Currently, the search for a suitable rental property is underway.


The consultancy project provided the customer with a sound and meaningful basis for decision-making with a clear result. And last but not least, there was also a light bulb moment: in terms of customs clearance, the individual import of Swiss products for end customers to Germany still requires too much time and money.

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