Logistics Seminar for Gebrüder Weiss

We have held a logistics seminar for the transport and logistics group Gebrüder Weiss within the scope of the internal vocational and further training program “myOrangeCollege”.

Professional Know-how in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


The logistics seminar was meant to address apprentices in their fourth year of apprenticeship, among others. As, in vocational school, specialized logistics topics like supply chain management (SCM) are only dealt with briefly, we were called in to hold a seminar to support the apprentices’ preparation for the final apprenticeship examination.

Additionally, through this initiative, Gebrüder Weiss also intended to advance the transfer of knowledge to employees who are thematically involved in logistics while not actually performing any logistics activities in their daily work, such as employees in accounting. Not least, the intention was to offer employees generally interested in logistics or career changers without any sound logistics know-how an opportunity to enhance their knowledge.


From basics to details

In the course of the seminar, we conveyed the required basic logistics knowledge. Based on this, we subsequently provided more in-depth information. Especially the topic of supply chain management was dealt with comprehensively.The participants received answers to the question about the difference between SCM and logistics, but were also given information about the goals pursued, as well as the guiding principles and finally the core processes relevant in each case.
We addressed the importance of SCM in business management and also the role that risk management plays in this context, and we also highlighted value chains across companies. Additionally, we tried to convey our state-of-the-art knowledge about intralogistics, warehouse planning and inventory management, and last but not least we had a look at current trends in logistics and SCM.


Critical discussion & valuable skills

By using Best Practice examples from our consultancy work of many years and by including the latest technological developments, we managed to provide the participants with an exciting opportunity to see the bigger picture beyond their daily work. We also created a setting for critical discussions of logistics and SCM. Not least, we gave the participants valuable skills for them to consolidate their knowledge and to successfully complete their vocational training.


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