Tailor-made process training for Sochor

At the newly built site of the construction materials trading company A. Sochor & Co GmbH, we provided support for the implementation of the warehouse management system. The employees were taught how to use the tool and expertly supported during the go-live phase.
Construction Materials Trading


Smooth start


Founded in 1894, the family-owned company is one of the leading construction material and tile wholesalers in the greater Vienna area, with a workforce of more than 150 employees. Moreover, Baustoffhandel A. Sochor & Co GmbH is a shareholder of EUROBAUSTOFF, a construction material purchasing cooperative based in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Last year, a new logistics center was built in the municipality of Achau in the south of Vienna, which has been used as an internal place of delivery for the construction material trade since its opening in January 2023.


Customized training in theory and practice
The customer used the services of our consultants for all aspects associated with the introduction of the warehouse management system at the new site. In order to ensure as efficient a work flow as possible, it was necessary to provide the employees with in-depth and hands-on training. We were supposed to assist in the development of the training concept and the implementation of the training courses and subsequently provide support during live operation.


In detail, we organized the process training courses for the warehouse management system, conducted a preliminary planning workshop with the persons in charge at Sochor and made sure that all documents were prepared. Subsequently, our consultants implemented the training concept in cooperation with Sochor. The employees received theoretical training, combined with practical exercises, directly on site at their future workplace. When the logistics center, and hence the warehouse management system, went finally live in January 2023, we provided implementation support and assisted the employees in their work with the new tool in the initial phase.


Reducing the workload of executives
Sochor received professional assistance in developing a customized training concept. Our consultants contributed their extensive experience in the sphere of training, including how to provide theoretical training to practical workers, among other things. The training activities reduced the workload of executives in day-to-day operations.


Utilize your Full Potential

Our service commences with a nonbinding initial consultation, preferably on site. Together we analyze the potential in the project and plan the decisive steps in a practice-oriented manner. We will gladly accompany you through the implementation.