Ölz - Expansion with New Logistics

The master baker expanded and required increasing capacities. In addition, the fresh produce needed to reach the customer as quickly as possible. Forward-looking logistics with high-bay racking and the latest conveyor technology provided the solution.
ÖLZ Product Range
"The insight of a logistics expert – which is far beyond our own perspective – complements our planning approach and thus results in a high quality project".
Markus Stammen Managing Director Production & Logistics

Faster. Higher. Better. Fresher.

Dedication, an innovative spirit, and last but not least, tasty baked foods, have made the small bakery that was founded by Rudolf Ölz in Dorbirn, Austria, more than 80 years ago, into a successful, internationally-oriented business. Master baker Ölz, by now, is one of the Central Europe’s leading producers of bakery products, and sandwich bread. Its product range consists of more than 100 articles, plus another 30 seasonal offers. The products from Ölz are baked every day and sold via its in-house delivery service for freshly baked products. In addition to the home market in Austria, the products are distributed to customers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The company’s export ratio is currently approximately 45 percent.

An increase in capacity
The need to take action at the master baker arose due to the increasing bottlenecks in the production and a growing requirement for space. In purchasing the neighboring plot of land in 2018, the company created the basis for the further development of its existing location in Wallenmahd and the construction of a new bakery. The planned increase in production, of course, involves an adaptation of the logistics capacity. Ölz approached us in 2017 to develop a logistics concept meeting their requirements.

Challenging products
One of the challenges in this context are the freshly baked products, which are stored only for a few hours before being dispatched. The extremely fast-moving nature of the business requires high-performing logistics that serve to guarantee the necessary speed. In the case of Ölz, this meant using the latest conveyor technology and an automated high-bay racking system integrated with the production and dispatch systems.  In addition to this, the high-bay racking system also takes the pressure off in terms of the acute lack of space.

An integrated system
Parallel to the increase in production, an adaptation of the ERP system is also taking place. It was also necessary to take this into account when planning the logistics. Following the development of the logistics concept, our consultants managed the tendering process. The decision regarding the new service provider was taken in the fall of 2019. If everything goes as planned, the new bakery, with its customized logistics area, will go operational in 2022.

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