Logistics expertise for the Parliamentary Administration

Austria’s parliament will soon be able to reconvene in the historic parliament building as the renovation work comes to an end. Xvise was on hand to take a critical look at logistical processes so as to make best possible use of the new opportunities.
Parliament Austria


Returning with added value


The parliament building and its adjacent buildings are scheduled to reopen on January 12, 2023, after undergoing several years of general renovation work. The Parliamentary Administration of the Republic of Austria took the opportunity presented by the move back to optimize internal logistics. This involved both warehouse planning for cleaning equipment, office supplies, printing, furniture and drinks storage, etc., as well as making transport management more efficient. This applied to how transports are carried out as well as to transport routes for machinery, equipment, deliveries or removals.

Valuable teamwork

Our team was brought in to work out the relevant issues in the course of two workshops. After viewing the premises and discussing the existing plans, the first priority was on determining the status quo. Firstly the departments: which are involved in logistics or will be involved in the future? Which departments are dependent on each other and how? Where do which responsibilities lie? What are the tasks and duties? Communication and information flows were also looked at together.

The project team then looked at the infrastructure, such as the available space and how it will be used in the future, as well as what goods, products and equipment need to be stored and how. The question of whether there is a need for storage areas with special requirements in terms of temperature or brightness, etc. The current flow of materials and transport journeys were also considered, as well as how transports are handled.

Optimization at various levels

With the knowledge obtained at this first stage, the next step was to harness the potential for optimization in logistics. Communication should happen in such a way that everyone involved is able to work efficiently. Thought was given to how the existing warehouse areas could be better utilized by streamlining processes and improving warehouse technology. Opportunities were also sought to optimize transports by exploring new transport routes, means of transport and, once again, by streamlining processes. The final step during the workshops was to define how the project should be managed and scheduled.

Not only did the workshops with our consultants enable all stakeholders to communicate with each other, but also to coordinate the available resources. The end results were well thought-out target processes that can be used for future cooperation and the targeted optimization of warehouse capacities and transport flows.


Parliamentary Administration Austria - Vienna

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