AutoStore expertise for Post

At Post Systemlogistik GmbH, we have set the course for the successful implementation of an AutoStore system: first, our consultants provided support during creation of the system design, followed by assistance during the tendering process.
AutoStore @ Post Systemlogistik
“Outstanding performance and perfect result at a fair price. The Xvise consultants were reliable, professional, well informed and always available. The result was more than satisfactory. We will be happy to fall back on the expertise of Xvise if the need rises again.”
Thomas Hagen Head of AutoStore & Automatisation - Post Systemlogistik

Sparring partner

Post Systemlogistik based in Vienna is a subsidiary of Österreichische Post AG, specializing in e-commerce fulfillment. In order to be able to meet the rapidly growing customer requirements in terms of volume, the logistics service provider has made its biggest investment so far at the location in Enzersdorf an der Fischa: on more than 800 m², a highly efficient AutoStore system for automated storage and picking is being built here – which will make Post Systemlogistik the first Austrian logistics company to use this innovative technology. As to the system’s final design and the preparation of the tender, Post Systemlogistik relied on our consultants’ expertise.

For Xvise has not only earned a reputation as an expert planner of AutoStore systems, but also has the expertise in designing the upstream and downstream (partially and fully automated) processes required by the customer.


System planning, process support and assistance
After detailed examination of the existing planning data, in particular with regard to dimensions, a draft for the system design and downstream order consolidation was prepared first of all. Subsequently, we provided support in process definition and the preparation of a list of specifications. This document, which is relevant for the tendering process, was prepared mainly by us, and we also supported the customer during the final design steps – above all with regard to the requirements placed on the system or process descriptions. In the subsequent functional specification phase, our consultants assumed an important checking function and also created the final overall layout for the various storage and functional areas.


By collaborating with our consultants, Post Systemlogistik GmbH had direct access to experienced AutoStore designers, and also to the specialist Grid Designer design program. The reliability of deadlines and of costs is improved by our tendering process support, ultimately resulting in a perfect solution. Once in operation, the AutoStore system will enable extremely efficient storage, a high level of automation and an increase in performance.

AutoStore Planning for Post Systemlogistik

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Our service commences with a nonbinding initial consultation, preferably on site. Together we analyze the potential in the project and plan the decisive steps in a practice-oriented manner. We will gladly accompany you through the implementation.