What are the advantages of automated guided vehicles (AGV)?


Transport Systems of the Future

Will shuttles for pallet transport become widely accepted?


The automated guided vehicles (AGV) in the traditional, original sense usually have a standard forklift as basic equipment for automated operation. Here, however, a proven and robust technology is facing increased space requirements and, above all, a certain amount of implementation costs.


This is where the shuttles come in. This simple basic technology enables even newcomers to enter the market. Combining it with a sophisticated software solution provides for easy commissioning and high flexibility for necessary adjustments of the route or of stations.


The resulting cost benefits compared to the more expensive AGV solution accelerate the widespread use of shuttle systems in area-serving transport. In many different industries – from production and commerce through to service providers.


An integrated security technology allows for problem-free combination also with manual transports and pedestrians.


The areas of application of the systems have been defined – let’s wait and see how much quicker the systems will spread!