Optimizing logistics for OMICRON electronics

Xvise took on the role of logistics expert, project manager and concept owner in a collaborative project with OMICRON electronics GmbH, a world leader in test equipment for protection and measurement systems.
Logistics Project @ Omicron electronics


Achieving the best together


OMICRON is an international company with its head office in Klaus, Vorarlberg. It manufactures test, diagnosis and monitoring solutions for electrical energy equipment. The customer wanted to have its warehouse logistics analyzed with a view to uncovering potential areas for optimization, yet this was something they were unable to do themselves due to a lack of internal human resources (despite having the know-how to do so).

The result was OMICRON deciding to plan and implement the logistics project together and in close coordination with us – we had already worked together on a project in the past. What was very important to the electronics company is that the transfer of knowledge between us and its employees was seamless.


Direct benefit
We started by identifying specific areas with a potential for optimization, developing tailored measures to take the immediate pressure off warehouse logistics and picking work. The focus here was on achieving quick wins to simplify handling. Our analysis of how the individual warehouse areas were being used was accompanied by taking a detailed look at the relevant KPIs. An ABC analysis was performed, among other things, to categorize stock items. This was then used to create an optimized storage plan to enable the proper allocation of items.

All this information was then pooled to draw up a forward-looking warehouse concept, taking into account technological factors, workflows and outsourcing options, the aim of which being to ensure that the site in Klaus has a scalable logistics handling solution. Not only did our consultants then take charge of the project management, but also worked to ‘preserve’ the concept to make improvements in the logistics system, both internally and externally.


Practical and sustainable solution
The collaborative logistics project has given OMICRON clarity in its approach to its short- and medium-term warehouse handling processes, while at the same time setting out various ways it can make changes to and develop its warehouse logistics in the mid-to-long term. Our consultants helped the logistics team create a foundation for optimized and efficient warehouse handling processes, providing suitable, practical suggestions in doing so. As requested, employees were closely involved in the work to develop sustainable solutions and to implement these.

Utilize your Full Potential

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